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The Gift of Giving: Donating a Birthday to Bring a Smile to Someone's Face

Donate now to help make every day count for sick kids and their families

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As I have spent the years growing up I was taught a valuable lesson. That lesson was to always treat others kindly because you never know what kind of life situation may be occurring at that moment. My family has always been a strong set of volunteers even if it wasn't for an official charity/organization. We would volunteer to help friends and family just because we wanted to help. Introduction to volunteer work started young for me when my mother would assist my preschool with our "Backpack for Buddies" program that gave food to children in need for the weekends when families couldn't afford meals. We would always exercise some form of charity. In middle school I decided to start my journey and become a volunteer at Maryland Therapeutic Riding, a equine therapy facility for children and adults with a variety of disabilities as well as wounded veterans.

Fast forward to the present where my parents have donated many hours and have raised thousands of dollars to give to an organization called Casey Cares. Last year they participated in the Rockfish Tournament and was the TOP contributor with over $5,000 in donations made by friends, family and coworkers. This year they did the same and achieved the same goal with just over $6,000. My parents have taught me to always give back even if you don't the whole world.

So for my birthday I decided to do something different. Becoming an adult means knowing when to be the bigger person. Becoming an adult allows you to shape what kind of person you are and it grants you the ability to change the world. For my birthday I have decided to start a fundraiser to donate to the Casey Cares organization.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for CASEY CARES