IAEE-International Association of Exhibitions & Events Women's Leadership
IAEE-International Association of Exhibitions & Events Women's Leadership's Fundraiser

Creating Cherished Memories - One Family at a Time!

Join IAEE in Lifting the Spirits of Sick Children and Their Families - Every Dollar Counts!

$805 towards $750

Year after year, the women of IAEE continue to come together as a community with a commonly shared goal to give back to the local communities in or near the city in which our event is held.

In 2018 the attendees of the Women's Leadership Forum gave back in a phenomenal way. IAEE attendees provided over $1,915 in donations to help transform the lives of homeless children by creating personalized birthday parties to make them feel recognized and valued.

For 2019, we will again raise the bar by supporting Casey Cares! At Casey Cares, they know life can sometimes be very difficult for families with critically ill children. Casey Cares helps keep families' spirits alive by providing various items and experiences to make life a lot better and by adding that personal touch, making lasting memories for families throughout the year.

Through this organization, our donations will help transform the lives of not only children with critical illnesses but also their families.

Your donations can make a difference! Not only will your donation help to lift them up and put a smile on their faces, you will be helping these kids and their families create a meaningful shared experience.

Just a small donation will go a long way in supporting IAEE's Women's Leadership Forum in making these dreams come true!

Learn more about this great cause at www.caseycares.org! Join IAEE and Donate Now!